System Center 2012 Ürünleri

Henüz Pre-release halinde olan tüm System Center 2012 ürünlerini aşağıdaki bağlantıdan download edip inceleyebilirsiniz. Download edebileceğiniz tüm ürünleri ve ürünler hakkındaki temel açıklamaları aşağıdaki listede bulabilirsiniz.

System Center 2012 Products:

  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager RC provides comprehensive configuration management for the Microsoft platform that can help you empower users with the devices and applications they need to be productive while maintaining corporate compliance and control.
  • System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection RC, built on System Center Configuration Manager, provides industry-leading threat detection of malware and exploits as part of a unified infrastructure for managing client security and compliance that can help you simplify and improve endpoint protection.
  • System Center Operations Manager 2012 RC provides deep application diagnostics and infrastructure monitoring that can help you ensure the predictable performance and availability of vital applications and offers a comprehensive view of your datacenter, private, and public clouds.
  • System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Beta provides unified data protection for Windows servers and clients that can help you deliver scalable, manageable, and cost-effective protection and restore scenarios from disk, tape, and off premise.
  • System Center Orchestrator 2012 RC provides orchestration, integration, and automation of IT processes through the creation of runbooks that can help you to define and standardize best practices and improve operational efficiency.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 RC provides virtual machine management and services deployment with support for multi-hypervisor environments that can help you deliver a flexible and cost effective private cloud environment.
  • System Center App Controller 2012 Beta provides a common self-service experience across private and public clouds that can help you empower application owners to easily build, configure, deploy, and manage new services.
  • System Center Service Manager 2012 Beta provides flexible self-service experiences and standardized datacenter processes that can help you integrate people, workflows, and knowledge across enterprise infrastructure and applications.


Ahmet TOPRAKCI hakkında

Ahmet TOPRAKCI achieved Master of Business Degree on Finance at Istanbul Technical University. He also completed Istanbul Techincal University in Electrical Engineering department. Concurrently, he completed Foreign Trade Branch and Business Management at Anadolu University. Moreover he He has worked as Windows System Administrator at Istanbul Technical University Head of Informatics Office about two years. Moreover, he has worked as Technical Trainer, Consultant and Branch Office Training Manager at BilgeAdam IT Academy, well-known IT Education Company of Turkey, between 2007 to 2012. He founded PeakUp Information Technologies which is the first Cloud Oriented IT Corporation in Turkey at 2012. He has been Chief Executive Officer at PeakUp. He has been editor at, Information Technology Portal and Technical Community since 2010. Furthermore, he has taught courses about Microsoft System Engineering, Unified Communication Systems, Cisco Network Systems, HP Server Systems, Vmware, Security and Virtualization more than 5000 hours. He gave various seminars to the well-known universities about System and Network Technologies, Security, Telecominication and Entrepreneurship. He wrote three books which are published about server systems, client operation systems and virtualization. His prior field of interests are Strategic Management and Behavioral Economics. Finally, he has many titles and certificates about information technologies like Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), Microsoft Certified System Engineer(MCSE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator(MCSA), Microsoft Certified IT Professional(MCITP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist(MCTS), HP Accredited Platform Specialist(APS), HP Accredited Integration Specialist(AIS), HP Accredited System Engineer(ASE). Specialties: Business Management, System Engineering, Server Architecture, Business Management, Consultancy, Training.

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